Processed. Tested. Evaluated.

Whether you’re battling corrosion problems, excessive
wear, part distortion, cracking, or sudden component
failure, Thermex Metal Treating Ltd. can provide
the right heat treating solution for you.





Carburizing & Carbonitriding
QPQ Liquid Nitriding
Induction Hardening
Gas Nitriding
Through Hardening
Annealing & Age Hardening
Metallurgical Lab


Custom Fixturing
Furnace Variety
In-House Lab Solutions
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Thermex offers the widest range of ferrous metal heat treating processes available in Western Canada. Based out of Edmonton Alberta, Thermex strives to provide the best heat treating solutions.

Parts can be treated to your exact specifications, or, for tough problems, you can call on our experienced metallurgical engineers to develop the best heat treatment solution for your application. Our Edmonton based in-house metallurgical testing lab (unique among heat treating operations in Western Canada) takes the guesswork out of heat treating process design and quality control.

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